About Us

About Us

We are a delicious team of advertising experts

Our team consist of “brandlicious” ingredients:

  • Fresh minds with creative ideas
  • Genuine interest for our clients
  • Passion for our work and life
  • Love creating stories

Some might call Brandlicious a creative studio, an advertising agency or a design firm but what we really are is storytellers!

We love good stories because brand storytelling matters! Stories communicate messages in highly specific and emotionally impactful ways. They’re memorable, and they give us something to identify with and hold on to. Statistics tell us what the reality is—stories tell us why it matters and why we need to care.

So we are here to tell your brand story and create strong long-lasting bonds with your target audience!

The recipe to achieve our goals

  • Strategic concept and working solutions
  • Involvement, familiarity and cognitive differentiation
  • A tough working team consisting of efficient and experienced people
  • Constantly alert to what goes on out there